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Article: Solar modules in the leisure garden: generate electricity with your balcony power plant

Solarmodule im Freizeitgarten: Strom erzeugen mit Ihrem Balkonkraftwerk

Solar modules in the leisure garden: generate electricity with your balcony power plant

Your own leisure garden is a place to relax and enjoy. But did you know that you can also use your garden to generate your own electricity and charge devices with a balcony power plant ?

Balcony power plants are mini solar systems that you can install on your balcony or in the garden. They are a space-saving and efficient way to use renewable energy.

Advantages of balcony power plants in the leisure garden:

  • Independence from the power grid: With a balcony power plant you can generate your own electricity and thus become less dependent on the power grid.
  • Cost cutting : By using solar power you can reduce your energy costs.
  • Sustainability : Balcony power plants are an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to generate electricity.
  • Versatile use : You can use the solar power you generate yourself, for example, to light your garden, operate garden tools or charge batteries.

easyWatt24 offers the optimal solution for your leisure garden with a balcony power plant:

easyWatt24 is a provider of balcony power plants and solar modules. The company offers compact and easy-to-install balcony power plants especially for small leisure gardens.

Which type of balcony power plant suits your leisure garden?

easyWatt24 offers a selection of different balcony power plants so that you can find the right model for your needs.

  • Balcony power plant test winner: Find out about current test reports on the best balcony power plants on the market in our blog.
  • Balcony power plant with storage: With a balcony power plant with storage, you can use the solar power you generate yourself even when the sun isn't shining.
  • Balcony power plant 800 watts: A balcony power plant with 800 watts of power is ideal for a small leisure garden.

Simply install and register a balcony power plant:

Installing a balcony power plant from easyWatt24 is usually easy and can be done yourself. However, easyWatt24 also offers assembly services.

Register balcony power plant : In Germany you have to register your balcony power plant with the network operator. easyWatt24 provides you with the necessary forms.

Use balcony power plant funding:

Find out about funding opportunities for balcony power plants on your city or state website. Many regions offer attractive subsidies that reduce acquisition costs.

Balcony power plant complete set: With a balcony power plant complete set from easyWatt24 you get everything you need to install your balcony power plant.

Balcony power plant funding Berlin: In Berlin there is special funding for balcony power plants. Find out about the current funding conditions on the website of the Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection.

With easyWatt24 you can easily transform your leisure garden into a small power plant and thus make your contribution to the energy transition!

Further information about balcony power plants:

With easyWatt24 you can make your leisure garden more energy efficient, save money and contribute to climate protection with your balcony power plant!

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