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Assembly instructions & documents

assembly Instructions

Would you like to build your balcony power plant yourself, but you don't have the assembly instructions?

You can find the assembly instructions in seven easy steps here.

Step 1


Place the two solar modules on the pre-assembled 3in1 balcony power plant PV brackets in the desired position on your balcony or other suitable surface.

step 2

Connect modules

Connect the two modules together using the included solar cables - HIKRA SOL DC. Be sure to connect the positive and negative terminals correctly.

step 3

Connection cable

Connect the Betteri BC01 to Schuko connection cable (with a length of 5 meters) to the TSUN inverter TSOL-MS600 (WIFI). Make sure the connection is tight and secure.

Step 4

Fastening end cap

Attach the end cap for Betteri BC01 to the free end of the connection cable to ensure a secure termination.

Step 5

suitable place

Place the entire assembly, consisting of the modules, the inverter and the cable, in a suitable location that is protected from the weather and allows sufficient ventilation.

Step 6

Connections verification

Double check all connections and make sure they are properly and securely seated.

Step 7

download App

Download the TSUN Talent Home app and track your savings!

Download the Talent Home app from the Google PlayStore.

Talent Home is a solar plant mornitoring application separately used by endusers or homeowners for Tsun microinverters. You are able to add devices, configure the devices in batch, review real-time and historic generation data as well calculate your yield on your Talent Home. In addition, you are able to build a layout of your solar panels and monitor the performance of each panel individually.

Get the app on:

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