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Solaranlagen auf Balkonen mit Pflanzen sind ein Beitrag zur Energiewende und zur Senkung der Stromrechnung

Step-by-step instructions

This is how it works at EasyWatt24

Compact step-by-step instructions

1. Location selection

Check your preferred location for suitability. Make sure there is a power outlet nearby and choose a sunny location.

2. Consultation with rental/owner company

If you want to mount the module on the facade or outside of the balcony, check whether permission is required.

3. Electrical installation

Choose the appropriate connector. A Schuko plug is suitable for connecting to conventional sockets. A corresponding Wieland energy socket is required for Wieland plugs.

4. Choose between Basic Set and Premium Set

You can easily choose between two sets, depending on how much electricity you want to produce and use.

5. Register with the network operator

Register your mini solar system with the local network operator, which is easy to do via the following registration page. Only carry out commissioning if a counter with a backstop or a bidirectional counter is available.

6. Registration of the mini solar system

Simply register your system in the Federal Network Agency's market master data register using this link .

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Compact step-by-step instructions:

Everything you need to know to register.

In order to properly register your balcony power plant, two steps are required in Germany: registration with the network operator and registration in the market master data register. With the following instructions you can carry out these steps yourself, without the help of EasyWatt24:

Registration with the network operator:

  • Contact your network operator and ask for the necessary documents and procedures to register your plug-in solar system.
  • Provide the relevant information that the network operator needs to register your system. This can include personal data, technical details of your system and information about the planned feed-in capacity.
  • Make sure you meet all carrier requirements and fill out the registration form correctly.
  • Send the completed form to the network operator and wait for their confirmation.

Registration in the market master data register (MaStR):

  • Go to the website of the Federal Network Agency's market master data register ( ).
  • Create a user account if you don't already have one.
  • Fill out the registration form in MaStR. Here you will need to provide further information about the system, such as location, owner and technical data.
  • Carefully review all information entered to ensure it is correct.
  • Confirm that the data is correct and submit the form.
  • You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your registration in the market master data register has been successfully completed.

It is important to note that the exact requirements and procedures may vary depending on the network operator and regional regulations. It is therefore advisable to check your network provider's specific policies and obtain further information if necessary.

EasyWatt24 does not offer a special registration service, but simply provides information and instructions to support you in registering your mini solar system.

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